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Friday, April 29, 2011

It only makes sense in Jacob's head...

So as I'm tucking Jacob into bed tonight, he feels the need to point out that the sun is still out. In his mind, this means that he doesn't have to go to bed either. We have had many a talks about this. When summer comes the sun stays out all night, it doesn't go to bed, but he still has too. He refuses to accept this concept. Anyways, as he's pointing to the sun and giving me his three year old logic as to why I need to let him stay awake, I remind him that the sun doesn't go to bed. His response? "Oh...I GOT IT! The sun doesn't go poop anymore!" "Um...WHAT?" "Mom! If the if it doesn't get dark then the sun doesn't poop in the toilet." "Uh...goodnight child. I love you."

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